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Dinner at Cici’s

May 4, 2009

Important decisions shouldn’t be left to children. Ok, my two girls are incredibly bright and are willing to try just about anything at least once (and usually more), but when it comes down to it they’re still kids and like kid-oriented food.

Tonight, I left the choice of dinner up to them. They chose Cici’s Pizza Buffet, after seeing commericials for it and having visited one in Omaha once upon a time.

I set my expectations pretty low, and I’m glad I did. It wasn’t horrible, but it was a very cheap buffet. The salads were fine (mostly iceberg), the pizza was edible but I’ve had frozen pizza that was better. The desserts were ok, although the ‘cinnamon rolls’ were pretty much just refrigerator biscuit dough with butter, sugar & cinnamon (nonetheless the girls loved them).

The good news is that it was cheap. The four of us ate our fill for $26.00, and none of us got sick.

If you want to fill up a Little League team, this would be an awesome choice. Anything beyond that you’d probably do a lot better just ordering a pizza from the closest locally-owned pizza joint.

Thanks for reading!

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