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Thinking locally

May 18, 2009

I made the decision recently to avoid chain restaurants altogether. There are just too many great locally owned & operated restaurants in this town to go to places that you can go to anywhere. Yeah, I’ve slipped a couple of times (even blogging about one of those), but I’m trying to be more thoughtful about who’s benefiting from my meals out (besides me, of course).

That’s one reason I love the Tucson Originals ( I know that those folks are dedicated to this town and thinking about me when they’re coming up with their menus. Ok, they’re not thinking about me specifically, but you get my meaning. Not only that, but they have super gift certificates available if you get to them soon enough!

This line of reasoning got me started thinking about the local farmers markets. Shouldn’t I also want to support local farmers & producers? That’s going to be so much better for the environment if the food I feed to my family doesn’t have to be shipped from halfway around the world. And I’ll get fresher and better tasting stuff.

Now all I need is some advice. I haven’t done a lot of farmers market shopping, so I’d like to know which one is your favorite and why. Any input would be appreciated!

Oh, and if you have a favorite local restaurant, let me know what that is as well!

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  1. Michael McKisson permalink
    July 27, 2009 3:51 pm

    I like the market on Sundays at St. Phillips Plaza. It seems to be the biggest of all the markets. It is also within walking distance from out house, which is nice.I've been to the Saturday Rincon farmer's market too. It seemed smaller and unless you live on the east side, it takes forever to get out there.I've also checked out the Thursday Santa Cruz market and the Friday market on University. I find them both to be lacking. Very few of the vendors show up and the produce is limited at best.

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