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Lococo’s Pizza

December 8, 2009

I like Lococo’s Pizzeria, and I’ve got some pretty good reasons for it:

  • They’ve got great super-thin crust pizza. I mean, it’s really thin. Like tortilla thin. But it’s crispy and stands up to their hearty sauce. The cheese actually has flavor and texture, unlike many of the chain places. It’s cheap, too. A 16″ cheese pie is $12.95. If you want a double crust, add a dollar.
  • They’ve got the cheapest beer imaginable. A 48oz pitcher of Bud/Bud Light will set you back $4.00. Bud too swanky for you? A bottle or can of PBR will set you back $1.25. Still too rich for your blood? A can of Old Style can be had for a buck.
  • They’re just nice folks. It’s a family-run place, and they seem to genuinely want their customers to leave happy.

When you add on free delivery (not to my house, but still), live music on Friday & Saturday (9pm until whenever on Friday and 7-9pm Saturday), and a pretty broad menu, I think you’ve got yourself a winner.

Lococo’s is in the Bashas’ Plaza at Thornydale & Cortaro. They’re open 11am-9pm Sun-Thurs, Friday 11am until they’re not open anymore, and Saturday 11am – 10pm. Got questions? Visit or give them a call at 520-744-7136.



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