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4th Avenue Street Fair

December 13, 2009

Eleanor w/corndog

Eleanor + corndog

And now, for the first time ever: a video blog post!  Wait, no it’s not!  I got all set to upload the video and then discovered that I’ll need to pony up $60/yr to be able to add video.  Maybe after Christmas!

This is a brief glimpse into a very small selection of the food available at the winter street fair.  It does not include the barbecue, thai food, funnel cakes, giant sausages, tacos, etc, but it does show you how you’d probably end up eating: sitting on a curb next to the trash cans.

But can you beat festival foods?  I guess that depends on what standpoint you’re coming from; nutritionally, yes indeedy, but from the experiential outlook it’s hard to do.

I hope you made it out to the street fair.  The weather was awesome, and if you looked hard enough you could even find something healthy, although it sure wasn’t easy.

Additional note: this is the first of what I hope will become more frequent video blog posts.  They’re bound to get better, right?

So here’s the video.  Enjoy!

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