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The results are in!

December 16, 2009

German Chocolate Cake

Gratuitious Food Image*

I just know that you’ve been waiting in extreme anticipation for the results of the poll I set up last week.  Well I shall keep you in suspense no longer!

Ok, maybe just a little bit longer.  There were some great suggestions in there, and a couple of things that surprised me a little.  But here’s how things shaped up from the 71 votes that were cast:

  • Restaurant reviews 25% (You got it.  More of those to come soon)
  • Local food news 25% (You’ll find some of those kinds of things in the Press Releases section, but I’ll do regularposts about those too)
  • Food events 19% (Again, some of those will be in Press Releases, some will show up as blog posts – especially after I go to them!)
  • Recipes 9% (Probably for the best – I don’t use a lot of recipes when I cook.  I’m more of a seat-of-the pants guy.  There’ll be some though, especially stuff that I try that turns out better than I expect)
  • General Cooking 8% (In retrospect, I’m not even sure what this category would include, so you probably won’tget a lot of it)
  • Beer/wine/spirits 7% (Fine.  I’ll keep my drinking to myself)
  • Other 5% *
  • Diet/health/nutrition 1% (whew – I cook with butter)

In the “Other” category, you asked for:

  • Local chef/food entrepreneur info (Great idea – I’ll work on that.  What kinds of questions are you interested in?)
  • Great Tucson caterers (Hey, if I can review restaurants, why not caterers?  I think it’s a great idea, but I’ll just have to start scoring invites to catered events.  What caterers have you used and what did you think of them?)
  • My cool and amazing daughters! Woop.  (Ok, I think I know where that came from.  I’ll try to include them more often.)
  • Lists of other local reviewers (What? You want me to send you to my competition??  Ok, it’s a fine idea.  Denizens of the blogosphere, who else do you like?)

Ok, I’ve got my homework and you’ve got yours.  I’ll see you in class tomorrow and we’ll hand those in.  Or something like that…


*I was told recently that I didn’t have enough pictures with my posts, so I’m including one here of a German chocolate cake I made recently.  It was well-received.

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