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Rocky Point / Puerto Penasco Food & Fun

April 5, 2010

Balcony view from Sonoran Sea 702W

Balcony view from Sonoran Sea 702W

My three best girls and I headed down to Mexico for Rodeo Weekend (interesting side note: most Tucson-area school districts take have two days off so that students can attend the rodeo – really not sure why…).  We stayed in Sonoran Sea 702W on Sandy Beach, and it was great.  The condo was super-comfortable, had the best view we’ve had down there, and the owners are great folks.

We had some hits & misses on the food.  Pollo Lucas on Benito

Pollo Lucas Exterior

Pollo Lucas Exterior

Juarez (the main drag) was probably the highlight meal of the trip.  If you don’t want chicken, don’t go there.  It’s all they have.  We had a whole char-broiled chicken, refried beans, rice, pasta salad (who would have guessed?), and about 1000

Chicken and Tortillas

Chicken and Tortillas

warm, soft corn tortillas.  With the four sodas (I love Manzana Lift!), it came out to just under $19.00.  Score.

I like me some shrimp, but there were issues with my crustacean friends this time around.  Both places we had it we left underwhelmed.  We went to Mary’s on the Malecon – which came highly recommended – and

The upper deck at Mary's

The upper deck at Mary's

the shrimp was sub-par.  We also went to the BooBar for shrimp tacos.  We’d been there a few times for lunch before, and it was always very good.  This time: mediocre shrimp.  Not sure if it was the time of year, but it just wasn’t good at either place.

Another thing that wasn’t good at the BooBar: pole dancing.  The BooBar is pretty low-key for lunch, but it appears to get a lot more ‘lively’ about 5:00pm.  The 50-something woman dancing on the pole while flashing the cheering bar really contributed to the different feel of the place…

But much other fun was had: banana boat, heated pool, swim-up bar, ‘happy hour’ just about every hour…  Lots of fun for all.

So we enjoy Puerto Penasco a lot and go down there pretty regularly.  I know a lot of my fellow Arizonans do as well, so let me know where you like to eat and stay.  I’d love to come up with a short list of favorite places!

Hasta luego!


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  1. July 9, 2010 4:24 pm

    MAN! Not one but THREE best girls?! I’m impressed. Usually it’s just me and a bunch of dudes. I know who I need to head South with from now on…

  2. Lori Hoby permalink
    July 24, 2010 3:36 pm

    Hey Tucson Food Dude. You are the best! Hint…fresh shrimp in Rocky Point is available in all the months that have an “r” in the name of the month…i.e.J,F,M,S,O,N,D. Hang in there and visit 702W once again in those months and be razzle dazzled!

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