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Meet Me at Maynards Reaches a Milestone

Maynards Logo

Meet Me at Maynards, an “Urban Fitness Phenomenon” reaches

5000 individuals with 20,000 total attendance

Tucson, Ariz—Meet Me at Maynards (MMM), sponsored by Southern Arizona Roadrunners, was founded on April 13, 2009. On September 13, MMM will celebrate a milestone…when the 5000th individual participant registers, bringing the overall total to 20,000 in attendance. MMM’s mission is to bring adults and families to the downtown Tucson area to enjoy healthy exercise, experience the beauty, history and architecture of our unique neighborhoods, and to appreciate and patronize local businesses.

At 5:30 PM every Monday enthusiastic people of all ages gather for free at Maynards Market and Kitchen at 400 N. Toole. They walk or run one of two routes, with varying mileage of two to four miles. The routes take “MMM Athletes” by interesting and historic points, and past several restaurants and businesses that cater to the crowd with Monday night discounts. A more residential route option winds through new and historic neighborhoods, and finishes past El Tiradito (The Wishing Shrine) and St. Augustine Cathedral. Founder Jannie Cox says, “You would be surprised at the number of these folks who have never been downtown. Now they know what downtown has to offer, how to get around, where to park, where to eat, etc.”

In addition to the walk/run MMM offers yoga, spinning, pilates, Zumba, boot camp and body-pump, all at downtown fitness venues, such as O2 Modern Fitness, Yoga Oasis, Armory Park Center, and Gold’s Gym. These additional options are available for a nominal fee.

MMM fills the downtown sidewalks every Monday evening with 300 to 600 active, vibrant people. Since MMM’s inception 16 months ago, more than a dozen area restaurants are reaping the benefits with regular Monday crowds. Maynards provides live music on their patio, along with $2 beers and $4 burgers. At 7:00 PM they hold a free raffle where participants win gift certificates for nearby restaurants and The Running Shop. And for this very special occasion (beginning at 5pm) participants with their MMM hand stamp will receive $5 off any entrée at Maynards and $2 off any entrée at the Cup Café. In addition, the free raffle will have twice the usual number of prizes. Tucson Electric Power will give away free strobe lights that attach to clothing for every participant. Bill Nugent, owner of Shanty says, “It is a pleasure to see such nice people coming in here on Monday nights. They drop in for their free bottle of water and then they return after their walk/run.” El Charro has been a favorite stop since the first event, where folks enjoy $5 off regular priced entrees.

Meet Me at Maynards was modeled after a similar event in Colorado Springs, called Jack Quinn’s Runners. After four years of operation Jack Quinn’s is drawing weekly crowds of 1000 plus. Organizers of MMM have a goal to surpass Jack Quinn’s attendance before their third anniversary.  For additional information visit the website at  Photos available upon request.

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